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Who should take Discipleship?
Everyone should strive to learn more about our faith... so everyone should take Discipleship.

How does it work?  Where do I start?
Discipleship 1 - Directions is the first class. Then you go through 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Woman 2 Woman can be taken at any time, before, between, or after Discipleship 1– 5.
You start by signing up. Adam Watson is the director and he will have someone contact you.

How much does it cost?
Directions books are $15.00. D2-D5 books are $5.00.  Woman 2 Woman books cost $20.

When and where do we meet for the classes?
Classes meet at Louisburg Baptist Temple every Wednesday night at 7pm.  They end around 8:15pm.  Directions is a one on one class and can be scheduled at a different location and time if it works better for the student.

I want to learn more about Discipleship 1 - Directions

I want to learn more about Discipleship 2 - Building Christian Ministers

I want to learn more about Discipleship 3 - Building Christian Leaders

I want to learn more about Discipleship 4 - Building Christian Counselors

I want to learn more about Discipleship 5 - Building Christian Elders

I want to learn more about Woman-to-Woman

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